Haitian 50th Anniversary kicks off at K Show

Haitian 50th AnniversaryHaitian International kicked off its 50th anniversary year at the K Show in Düsseldorf, launching its anniversary slogan, “New directions, courage and care,” a philosophy that sums up the values of Haitian’s success story.

The company name Haitian’s Chinese meaning is “Sea” representing flowing thoughts (Hai) and “Sky” representing spiritual freedom (Tian), suggesting mobility, innovative spirit and entrepreneurship.

In the past ten years, the growth rates for Haitian have been remarkable:Whether it is servo-hydraulic or all-electric, Haitian International’s product portfolio brings together the entire technological expertise of 50 years of experience in building injection molding machines for the benefit of its customers.

  • Sales almost tripled
  • Net profit quadrupled
  • Number of machines sold tripled
  • Export sales doubled
  • Share price sextupled (Current market cap: around 3 billion USD)
  • Opening and/or expansion of 14 manufacturing and assembly plants worldwide

10 Years of Absolute Haitian

Ten years ago, Haitian launched its relationship with The Absolute Companies, leading to the rapid expansion of Haitian and Zhafir injection molding machines in molding plants throughout the U.S. and Canada.

“The wide range of injection molding machines in clamping force categories, with medium and smaller tonnages in the electric series and larger ones in servo-hydraulics, has meant that we have a cost-effective offering for many injection molders in the U.S. and Canada,” said Nate Smith, one of the owners of Absolute Haitian.

“Now we are looking forward to the growth of Haitian’s application-specific solutions in various end-market sectors such as packaging, high-speed, precision, multi-component and systems solutions,” said Smith. “We never lose sight of our goal to offer these at a cost-effective price point to keep U.S. and Canadian molders competitive. That is essential to our commitment to molders.”