Absolute Haitian Injection Molding MachineryABSOLUTE HAITIAN CORPORATION

Founded in 2006 to provide the North American market a new efficient and cost effective injection molding machinery solution, Absolute Haitian Corporation is headquartered in Worcester, Massachusetts as the exclusive sales and service agent for Haitian Plastics Machinery Ltd. within the United States and Canada.

Haitian Plastics Machinery Ltd. is the world’s largest producer of plastic injection molding machinery and has an installed base of 200,000 injection-molding machines in more than 160 countries. In 2017, Haitian produced over 35,000 injection molding machines, ranging from 44 to 7,457 U.S. tons.

As a world leader in injection molding machinery, Haitian uses the latest manufacturing technologies as well as adheres to ISO 9001 manufacturing, engineering, and quality standards. Haitian is focused on providing a broad range of cost effective plastics injection molding solutions.

Today Absolute Haitian Corporation continues to grow the injection molding machine footprint of Haitian within North America. It is the combination of cost effective molding solutions along with service and support that is both knowledgeable and responsive that has allowed Absolute Haitian Corporation to become a key provider of new injection molding machinery within the United States and Canada.  Please contact us for any questions you may have about our Haitian injection molding machinery or aftermarket support.

Absolute Haitian Corporation showroom in Worcester, MA

Absolute Haitian Corporation Worcester, MA