Absolute Haitian offers entry-level Troubleshooting 101

Absolute Haitian’s Aftermarket Operations has launched a new training class aimed at improving the general knowledge of injection molding machine operators and maintenance personnel. Designed for entry-level maintenance technicians working on any injection molding machines, this class will enhance their understanding of any molding machine and their ability to analyze and correct problems.

Topics include:

  • Testing equipment operations and applications
  • Preventative maintenance concepts including machine leveling, oil analysis and filtration, lubrication points
  • Electric principles and job function including relays, transducers, transformers, heater bands, thermocouples and more
  • Hydraulic principles including pumps, valves, cylinders, flow controls and pressure transducers
  • Best practices and techniques for changing a screw and barrel and checking and maintaining tip assemblies
Troubleshooting 101 Class Schedule
November 13 – 15, 2018
Ohio Tech Center
Parma (Cleveland), Ohio

To register, contact Christina Spielhaupter at 216-459-1000 or cspielhaupter@absolutehaitian.com. Or register online by scrolling to the bottom of our website training page HERE.