Absolute Haitian teams with ARI’s IML system

North American molders in search of affordable in-mold labeling saw cost-effective Well-Lih in-mold labeling (IML) automation paired with the Zhafir Venus II/p high-speed molding machine in action at NPE 2018. The machine cell performs in the same league as industry-leading competitors but is available at a 20- to 30-percent lower cost. The IML machine cell will  be on display at Expoplast 2018 in Montreal on November 14 – 16, 2018 in booth #615.

The food serving cup application features an in-mold labeling cell consisting of:

  • High-speed, side-entry automation
  • Zhafir VEII 2300/430 “p” high-speed, all-electric molding machine (259 U.S. tons) with configurable IOs, Euromap 67 robot interface, and five 12-mm air valves to interface with the labeling automation
  • Four-cavity yogurt cup mold
  • 18-gram (0.63 ounces) shot size
  • Cycle time of 3 seconds

The IML automation is available in two configurations, side-entry and top-entry. Side-entry is the high-speed configuration for parts where a label may be placed and part removed within the available daylight and vertical tie-bar spacing. Top entry is generally applicable to larger products where parts must be removed out the top of the mold and traversed over to the stacking unit.  

Each system is fully customized to best suit the customer’s application with consideration to mold, part size, cycle time and label design.  Features of the IML automation include:

  • Quick-change capability with easily removable take-out arm grippers, label magazine modules and stacking modules for efficient mold changes
  • Flexible frame design for use on range of injection molding machine sizes through level and height adjustment 
  • Leveling magazine module 
  • High-efficiency stacking 
  • Ability to integrate vision inspection system with a range of vision systems to ensure part quality and label placement accuracy 
  • Priced at a 20-to-30 percent less cost than competitive IML systems 
  • Able to fit a spectrum of tonnage ranges; available as a complete machine cell for turnkey solutions
Venus II/p

All-electric VE II/p high-speed packaging machine can be paired with the ARI IML system for an affordable IML machine cell