Aftermarket Department announces online ordering capability

Absolute Haitian has launched online help for Parts and Service on its website, where customers can request service or order parts by completing an order form and clicking a button to submit. The web-based system provides an easy format to send photos of part nameplates, control screens, or service questions to a group of engineers ready to respond.

“We want to make communications with us as easy and efficient as possible. This simply provides another avenue for customers to contact us using their preferred method,” said Director of Aftermarket Operations Randy Wendling. “If they want to phone in, we’re here to answer the call. If they want to merely send an e-mail to parts or service, we can react quickly to that. If it is easier to send parts and service requests online, then we can now respond to that just as effectively.” 

The company has implemented a Parts and Service magnet for your machine that includes QR codes for Parts and for Service.  When a machine operator or maintenance technician is beside the molding machine, they can send in a photo, ask a technical question, or order parts, without ever leaving the side of the machine by simply scanning the appropriate QR code.

If you would like a free QR Code magnet to place on your Haitian or Zhafir machines, send your request to To take a look at the online forms, visit our website at Parts or Service and scroll down to find the online form.  

Aftermarket Parts and Service

Machine magnet with QR codes for easy access to parts and service order app