Green manufacturing key for Suri Industries

Absolute Haitian customer Suri Industries is the manufacturer and distributor of Swift Green Filters water filtration systems. The company is committed to providing consumers with a healthy, cost-effective and eco-friendly alternative for their water filtration needs.


One of the many residential and commercial filtration systems made by Suri Industries


Suri Industries’ green footprint and advantageous price point begins with 21 injection molding machines including Haitian Mars servo-hydraulic machines ranging from 135 to 787 U.S. tons at its Manning, SC manufacturing facility. “Since being green is an important objective for us, the servo-hydraulics of the MARS is key, giving us up to 80% more energy efficiency than a standard hydraulic machine,” said President Ramesh Suri. 

Ramesh Suri first considered Haitian machines because he was impressed with the experience and know-how of Glenn Frohring, one of the owners of Absolute Haitian. Since then, his confidence in the entire company has grown. “They make everything easy – financing, installation and start-up, service. We’ve received good support from top to bottom.”  Important considerations when Suri Industries is manufacturing up to 10,000 units per day.

Another factor important to Ramesh Suri is the customer special treatment he receives from Absolute Haitian. “I attended NPE in Orlando and although I had not met the person at the reception counter before, she knew exactly who I was as soon as I walked up. When I visited Haitian in China the same thing occurred. I regularly receive calls and visits from Glenn even when there is no need. This is how relationships are sustained.”

Bringing manufacturing back from overseas is a third goal for Suri Industries, and it ranks right up with cost efficiency and eco-friendly products and production. So far, Suri Industries has provided 50 new jobs in Manning. But there are plans for many more. “We are going to add 200,000 sq ft of manufacturing space within the next two years,” said Suri.