Mars II S introduces performance upgrades

Early this summer, sales of the Haitian Mars Series servo-hydraulic injection molding machines (from 67 to 3,709 U.S. tons) reached a historical record of 200,000 installed machines worldwide. In the spirit of continuous improvement, several upgrades and new features have been added to the best-selling Mars. The new MA II S Series is more efficient, precise and steps up its capability including:

  • Reduced overall footprint for higher productivity per square foot
  • Faster clamp movement for improved dry cycle times yet lower energy consumption
  • Ball-type linear guide rails on the clamp reducing friction resulting in smoother clamp movement
  • Lower platen stress and improved mold force stability reducing mold wear
  • Reduced oil capacity for lower cost and improved environmental sustainability
  • Copper graphite bushings for the rear platen, stationary platen and toggle that are high load bearing, providing good abrasion resistance and decreasing the need for lubrication
  • Balanced twin injection cylinder design with additional guidance
  • Improved injection unit pivot design for easier screw and nozzle change
  • Increased open space at clamp end for conveyors

We are quoting all sizes of the updated MA II S and certain sizes of the MA II S are already available on our stock machine list.

Mars IIS steps up injection molding machine capability

The Mars IIS represents Haitian’s commitment to ongoing product improvement.