New large model sizes for Zeres

Absolute Haitian has four new larger models of its all-electric Zeres Series injection molding machines with integrated hydraulic system. The new models range from 899 to 1,551 U.S. tons. Previously, the largest model available for the Zeres product line was 730 U.S. tons. The larger sizes are available to quote immediately.  

The new models include:

  • ZE 8000 (899 U.S. tons clamp force)
  • ZE 9000 (1,014 U.S. tons clamp force)
  • ZE 10800 (1,216 U.S. tons clamp force)
  • ZE 13800 (1,551 U.S. tons clamp force)
  • Five different injection drives to choose from – 2250, 3350, 5200, 7000, 9200
  • Injection capacities from 34.29 ounces to 187 ounces
  • Highly competitive tie bar spacing that is more generous than competitors
  • Latest control technology including a 15-inch color touch screen monitor

All-electric Zeres offers flexibility of hydraulic circuit

The Zeres is based on the Venus II platform but includes an integrated hydraulic circuit to facilitate molding applications which require core pull or sophisticated ejector functions. The hydraulics open new possibilities for molders who prefer electric machines but need hydraulics to operate core pull. Integrated hydraulic core pull interface (circuit) is installed on the moving platen and provides more flow and increased pressure compared to external power pack solutions. Pressure and flow rates are adjustable via the machine’s controller. Software is included to control up to three hydraulic circuits.

 “These larger sizes of all-electric molding machines will be attractive for customers who need precision and speed for large parts such as automotive interiors and underhood applications, home appliances, aerospace and industrial applications. Previously, all-electric machines at these tonnages have come with a high price tag. Now we’re able to provide the all-electric option but at a more affordable price,” said Nate Smith, one of the owners of Absolute Haitian. 

New larger sizes of the Zeres all-electric injection molding machine are ready for quoting and quick delivery.

For more details and specification sheets, visit the Zeres product page