The Haitian Saturn II series ( standard hydraulic IMM) which targets the mass market, is the most popular injection molding machine in the molding industry of China and abroad with the best price and performance ratio. With the 40 years experience in machine design and manufacture, the Haitian Saturn series, based on the Saturn series platform, is providing the maximum necessity to the market, which satisfies the customers by the simplicity , reliability, high standardization and whole production consistency. Haitian Saturn series is flexible to expand the functions by adding up the options to meet the special requirements of customers in need of high efficiency.

Dynamic and sensitive

The 5-point double toggle provides short

locking time and high opening forces.

European standard layout

European standard layout of the platen ensure the flexibility of fixing mould

Time and cost saving

Automatic mold height adjustment ensure

the time and cost saving during the mould


Hydraulic Block

The energy-saving hydraulics are fitted with sound insulation and are made of high-quality European components.

They allow much greater forces to be transferred and enable very uniform and precision movements of the machine.

Low servicing costs

Permanent fine filtration of the oil in the bypass increases oil quality in time and the intervals between oil changes.

Powerful and stable

Fixed pump system provides stable output, quick response, poweful strength

Shorten your cycle time

The hydraulic shut-off nozzle will allow to reduce cycle time by permitting the mold to operate during charging and plasticising, when used in conjunction with electric screw drive.

High efficiency with lower energy consumption

Electric screw drive is used for increased plasticizing and high precision with the benefits reducing the energy consumption in charging duration.

Your Choice

A wide variety of screw designs for different polymer processing requirements are available.

Be clear at one glance

Equipped with the flow meter, the level of cooling water will be clear at even once glance. It also allows to adjust the flowing volume and pressure for each melt of cooling water separately.

Increased injection speed

By installing an accumulator the injection speed will be improved significantly, which is recommended in the production of mass flow rate components.

Software & Control
Latest Technology from KEBA

The Haitian Saturn Series uses the latest control technology form KEBA. This high-performance control system provides the ideal communication between the injection molding machine and the operator. The uniform operating concept and logical, clear structure of the functions make machine operation easy and user-oriented.
Model 1075 is suitable for standard application, while model 4030 lends itself to more complex injection molding processes. Both versions are currently delivered in 15 languages.

1075 System Special Features:
Keyboard operated 10.4

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